Crowd Sourcing the philosophy behind an Independent Digital Music Market Welcome to …this site has been set up to allow for open discussion about various aspects of the bittunes P2P platform and application, which is currently in development. We would like to engage a wide group of people in this discussion so we can [...]


phase 2 (the hub & network)

We are now entering phase 2… the big build   We have spent the last few months, (since returning from demoing our Android prototype at two US conferences in May) working on scoping out all the factors that will be involved in giving the overall project the best chance of success. (here is a short [...]


Heth and Jedd our NY bittunes ambassadors

When Heth and Jedd uploaded their studio version of this song to bittunes, back in late May, they left the following message, for us. (by the way, we love the studio version, which will be available on bittunes, but this live version captures something about these guys that really inspires us, a spontaneity and lack [...]


Do you own your own songs?

If you are an independent artist/musician writing your own material, it often might seem like a battle to get heard and cut through. However, although there is so much music out there and so much competition, in fact the tools that we now have at our disposal to create great high quality music have never [...]

Bittunes Internet Radio is Coming

We will soon be launching bittunes internet radio rotating all new tracks uploaded by music makers.

new bittunes Music Makers

new bittunes Music Movers locations

bittunes Music Movers are now in 12 countries
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